Mission Statement

PAWWS to Heal offers trust, support, encouragement, patience and unconditional love from animals for children to begin healing from physical and sexual abuse, emotional and behavioral trauma and to help cope with physical disabilities.

PAWWS to Heal is a 501(C) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to children and animals. Through interactive animal therapy and animal assisted activity, our services strengthen and improve the lives of children as they continue their journey of healing.

Have you ever had the chance to witness the calmness, smiles, excitement and pure enjoyment a child receives when he/she isinteracting with an animal? PAWWS to Heal uses that animal magic as a tool to create and achieve positive goals for children who have endured abuse, emotional and behavioral tramua and those who are coping with physical disabilities.

Our Vision

We are currently operating as an outreach organization in Dane County, Wisconsin. Our vision is to acquire an on-site facility where we can provide children on-site human therapists and a wider range of therapy animals and programs.

The on-site facility would be on 2-5 acres with buildings to house domestic livestock, reptiles, birds, and a small collection of exotic animals. We envison having therapy sessions both outside and inside, as well as having a "ranch day" where kids can come to be kids and help clean, feed and bathe the animals.

Our Board of Directors

Toni Schriver, RVT - Executive Director and Founder of PAWWS to Heal

I'm an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse. While struggling with feelings of fear, anger and confusion the only true comfort I found was with animals.

Toni, Roxy, and JillyAs an adult I struggled with self-destructive tendencies. In 1988 I earned my degree as an Animal Health Technician allowing me to give the gift of healing back to animals. Knowing animals had played a huge part in my life successes, it felt only right to take that life experience and develop programs that could be used with animals in a structured way to assist therapists working with children coping with abuse or physical disabilities.

Out of that experience, the concept of PAWWS To Heal was born. With help from professional counselors, physical therapists and my expertise, children will have a safe path in their journey through life in a pawwsitive way.

Julie Ann David - Vice President

Julie has 25 + years experience as a successful business owner in the Madison, WI area. She contributes strong ideas in public relations, fundraising and business. She also serves as the organization's photographer.

Laura Allen - treasurer

Laura has 20+ years experience as a Certified Veterinary Technician and is a certified childrens yoga instructor. She had a sucessful business in computers for 10 years. She brings her business, marketing, and public relations experience to PAWWS as well as her spritual energy.

Barbara J. Schriver

Now retired, Barbara was a biologist for the state of Wisconsin for over 35 years. She currently volunteers in the public school system to teach mentally challenged children to read. She has put together fundraising events and is strong in public relations. She contributes ideas for fundraising, and special events for PAWWS To Heal.

Michelle Longeran

Michelle has 5 + years experience as a successful business owner in the Madison area. Her expertise is in marketing, accounting, fundraising and public relations.

Genevieve Pell

Genevieve Pell is a graduate from UW-Madison with a BS in Agricultural Business Management. She currently works part-time as a dog trainer for Dog’s Best Friend Training in Madison, WI and has an extensive history in dog and horse behavior/care/training. Working with Toni, she helps in developing our animal assisted therapy programs, works one-on-one with our children, and contributes in our fundraising efforts. Genevieve is also the owner of one of our therapy dogs, Winnie.