In Memoriam of Phoenix

October 6, 2004 to December 12, 2012

A message from Toni:

Phoenix was only 8 years old when he was taken by a sudden illness, on December 12, 2012. He touched so many people and animal lives in so many different ways. He liked to be the center of attention when he was in big crowds; he loved to boss his animal housemates around - it was never a dull moment in the home. He was the watch dog: when people came to the door, walked in front of the house, or when the mailman droped off mail he would mimic Roxy's bark or do his famous alarm call. He loved to just hangout with people, escort Jilly and Roxy to the dog park, barking, growling and saying "git'er Roxy" or "Go go go." He learned about 70 words and distinct noises and about 25 sentences in his short life.

Some of his favorite things were working with the children of Pawws to Heal, spending time in his outside aviary, driving in the car, hiking, bike riding and eating his favorite treats. Our home is very different now, however I find comfort in knowing that Phoenix and Roxy are together again watching over us.

"Superman" we will truly miss you

Phoenix in the sun

Phoenix with happy boy


Roxy and Phoenix