Our Programs

"Effective therapy is always about long-term results; life-changing impact; a restored capacity for relationships. The results are in - experiential therapy has been proven to accomplish all this and more." - Dr. John Townsend

PAWWS to Heal currently offers these programs. Please contact us to learn more.


Together, an animal specialist, licensed therapist and parents/guardian choose the animal and form of interaction which best suits each child's needs.


Animal activities help families learn to deal more effectively with the child, by establishing reasonable boundaries, earning respect and improving communication.


Group opportunities offer children who have similar challenges unique ways to practice communication skills, relationship skills, social skills and behaviors, through interaction with animals

Pawwsitive Boundaries

We use our animals to help teach children the ABC's of proper boundries: A (approach) B (behavior) C (consideration). Knowing the ABC's helps a child learn the nature of boundaries for themselves and others.

How is this different from other animal therapy programs?

We focus 100% on providing emotional and mental health treatment. Our animal specialists assist licensed therapists to ensure that the children develop a healthy relationship with animals as well as the tools and strategies needed to make positive life choices. Having and animal present in a therapeutic setting has been shown to lower the blood pressure and anxiety levels in most children.