In Memoriam of Roxy

A message from Toni:

On February 26, 2011 just shy of her 11th birthday, Roxy lost her battle with cancer. She was the founder therapy animal for PAWWS to Heal, receiving her Certified Therapy Dog title in 2004. Touching and changing so many lives with her kind, calm, patient nature, she provided unconditional love to each child and adult she come in contact with. In recent months, Roxy has been semi-retired, but she served as a mentor for Jillian, the newest PAWWS therapy animal. Her animal brothers and sisters will miss her very much. For me I am a better person for her being in my life. Roxy I promise to keep your memory alive forever, "Roxy Lynn" I love you.

Roxy in the snow

Alway gentle

Roxy and Jilly

Roxy and Phoenix