We need your support

Through your contributions, donations, and support, you will be helping PAWWS to Heal change and improve the lives of many children. Here are some ways that you can help:

Donate money

Your financial contributions are tax-deductible, and will be used to expand our programs, thus helping even more children. Use the PayPal button at left to make a fast, easy and secure on-line donation.

Or, checks can be mailed to:

PAWWS to Heal
3605 North Sherman Ave.
Madison, WI 53704

Volunteer your time

We need help with:

  • office work and accounting
  • newsletter editor
  • grant writer
  • fundraising
  • handling therapy animals
  • training animals and volunteers
  • programs director

Contribute items that we need

The value of donated items is also tax deductible. Our current Wish List includes:

  • Office supplies: stamps, envelopes, computor lap top, printer, filing cabinet
  • Animal supplies: feed bowls and dishes, toys, food, leashes, carriers, collars, caging
  • Transportation: gas cards, a van!!
  • Printing Services: brochures, letter head, stickers, envelopes, newsletter, banner with logo, car magnet with company name and info
  • Property to open on site facility

Sponsor a therapy animal

Help us pay for the food, toys, and verterinary care our therapy animals need. Choose your favorite of our animals to sponsor:

1 month---25.00, includes a picture
3 months-- 65.00, includes picture, quarterly newsletter
6 months---85.00, includes picture, newsletter, certificate

If you are interested in becoming more involved with PAWWS to Heal in any of these ways, please Contact Us.

Thank you

All of us here at PAWWS to Heal thank you for your support and appreciate your continued interest in our growth for the years to come.