Welcome to PAWWS to Heal

We use interaction with our specially-trained therapy animals as a healing tool for children to work through emotional, physical and behavioral problems. When conventional therapy is unable to reach a child, animals and their unconditional love, trust, patience and support are used to assist in healing and to reach goals, which have been set by therapists, special education teachers, counselors, parents, and guardians.

PAWWS to Heal is a 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to children and animals. Through interactive therapy with animals, our services strengthen and improve the lives of children as they journey the path of healing from abuse and coping with physical disabilities.

Walk for Change 2017

Walk for Change 2016The annual PAWWS to Heal benefit: Walk for Change will be held held on May 6th; 2-mile walk for the prevention and awareness of child abuse.

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Act of Kindness benefits a family in need

Birthday money collected for Pawws to Heal

An eleven year old girl was having a birthday party and without a thought asked the guests attending to please donate to PAWWS to Heal instead of giving her presents. Through this she donated $160.00 to buy items which will benefit a mother and her two children.


This child is an amazing person and extraordinary role model. Thank you for your kindness and passion for others